Coffee Lids
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Coffee Lids

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This is such a perfect little gift for new moms with cool style. Who else would appreciate a coffee lid so much?! Sending all the cool vibes your way. 
If you're one of the 200 million Americans who drink coffee every day, you may have marveled at the ubiquitous plastic coffee cup lid, with its clever combination of indentations, protrusions, tabs, and score lines that can be pinched, pulled, pushed, punctured, and tucked to create an opening to sip from while also keeping a piping-hot liquid in its place. Louise Harpman and Scott Specht have collected these familiar triumphs of industrial design, in their many variations, for decades, creating what Smithsonian magazine calls the world's largest collection of coffee cup lids. In addition to oddly compelling close-up photographs, Harpman and Specht include lively field-guides to their classification system and patent drawings for many of the most unique designs. This beautifully designed book will appeal to designers, coffee drinkers, and anyone who delights in the small bits of humble genius that surround us every day. You'll never look at your to-go coffee cup the same way again.
Louise Harpman and Scott Specht are architects with a particularly piqued interest in the design of the universally familiar: specifically, the little punched and perforated coffee tops that more than 200 million Americans handle every day. Their new book surveys what the Smithsonian calls “the world’s largest collection of coffee cup lids.”