Eat Your Peas for Grandkids
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Eat Your Peas for Grandkids

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Of course, I brag about you! 

Ideal for ages 3-14, Eat Your Peas for Grandkids is filled with little verbal hugs straight from a grandparent's heart. Words of affirmation. Admiration aplenty. And a drop-everything promise to be there through gladness and growing times alike. There's even a place to jot your phone number so you're never be more than a phone call away. View a sampling of the book below.

Author's Note: Personalizing your Eat Your Peas for Grandkid's book will make it extra special (but isn't necessary). There's plenty of space to write your own thoughts, stories and memories. For Teen and Millennial Grandkids, we recommend Eat Your Peas for an Extraordinary Young Person.