Rainbow Primary Conical Tower
Rainbow Primary Conical Tower
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Rainbow Primary Conical Tower

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This supersized rainbow wooden stacking toy comes with 11 chunky pieces and is an excellent educational toy. Young children will develop their hand-to-eye co-ordination and motor skills as they assemble the pastel coloured rings on the stacker, and it can also be used as a handy tool for learning colours.

It is made from lime wood and naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based colour.  This natural finish allows the grain of the wood to shine through and ensures that this toy is safe for young children.

This toy is 21cm tall and is suitable from 12 months.

WARNING: Potential hazardous accessible points. Always put the top piece as a safety cap when this toy is not in use.

Schematic play: This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema - balancing, sorting and stacking toys and objects in a particular order or place.

Sensory toy: hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, balance.

Featuring toys to shake, build or pull along, our range of Grimm’s toys has something for every child to fall in love with.  The quality of these toys is superb and their appeal is timeless – we’re sure that they will be treasured not only by your children but by your grandchildren too. 

Grimm’s educational wooden toys are made in Europe from alder, lime, beech and maple, all sourced from sustainably managed European forests.  They are made in handpicked workshops across Europe and coated with natural colours and oils by the Grimm’s team in Germany. All of the paints and lacquer used to finish your lovingly made Grimm’s toy are harmless and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, allowing the grain to shine through.